Stiletto Cupcakes

Through all the pastry making, I wanted to share with you these incredibly cute, shoe themed cupcakes I made last month for a friends birthday. With my love for Pinterest, I had been eyeing these up for a while, wondering who I could make them for. I was half tempted to make them for myself, but I would be too afraid to eat them. Are we all in agreement these are just adorable?


I thought they would be hard to construct, with biscuit bases and thin chocolate finger heels, but with the right thickness of buttercream icing, they stuck together like cement – they literally weren’t going anywhere! They even survived a 20 minute walk from my house to the office!

* big sigh of relief *

These cupcakes were a classic vanilla sponge, with a grey buttercream frosting and delicate pink fondant flowers. There are loads of different ways to construct them once the cupcakes themselves have been baked and iced. The way I came up with mine are as follows:


Bake your cupcakes, but remember that the case you bake them in will form the bottom of the shoe. I found these cute purple cases looked really nice against the light grey.

Once baked, ice with a nice swirl of buttercream frosting. Make sure the consistency is quite thick, as you will need this to finish off the piping detail around the biscuit soles and use to almost glue the biscuits together. I used a 1M nozzle for the top of the cupcakes, and then a smaller piping nozzle for the detail around the sole. It’s also advised to use a small blob of frosting on the bottom of each cupcake so that they have some way of sticking to the board.

Construct your shoe. I would recommend cutting one end of your chocolate finger with a knife on a diagonal, as this will help angle the biscuit sole securely onto the chocolate heel. You’ll then need to apply a small dab of frosting to the top and bottom of each chocolate finger. The flat end needs to be stuck to the board, while the other diagonal end will help balance the biscuit sole.


Finish. The final touches will be to place the biscuit into the buttercream frosting and angle it so it balances nicely on the chocolate finger heel. Finish with a little decoration along the biscuit sole – I used some left over buttercream and then some edible silver balls and fondant pink flowers.

I chose to use lotus biscuits and chocolate fingers, but there are so many other things you can use. Make sure to check out Pinterest for some high heel inspirations.

wpid-photoeditor-1442986152475.jpgThese are relatively easy to make, the hardest part is the construction of the show itself, but once you have the hang of the first one, the rest will fall into place! I finished the board off with a fitting fondant 30, and come cute, edible fondant flowers.

They went down really well and I would love the opportunity to make some more. As you can probably tell, the lovely lady herself just LOVES shoes which is why I thought it would be the perfect fit!

Have you experimented with making high heeled cupcakes? What are your thoughts? Do you love them as much as I do?

How do you make your cupcakes different from the traditional?



11 thoughts on “Stiletto Cupcakes

  1. Haylee

    I saw these earlier on Twitter and couldn’t work out what they had to do with shoes. Now I get it! Very cute, great idea for something a little different :)

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