Funfetti Cake

I can’t believe I have happily gone 25 years and not had a slice of Funfetti Cake! Luke has been telling me about this cake for years following his travels around various parts of America. I have to put my hands up and say, this was not made from scratch, and I wonder if this is the reason this cake tastes so much sweeter (quite literally!).


I’ve never been one to make a cake from a packet. I guess I see them as such an easy thing to make; simply pop all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk!? But after our little trip to NYC, we came back with not only the cake mix but also the frosting and boy, is this cake moorish! With it’s soft vanilla sponge and added crunch of coloured sprinkles scattered throughout, this has “sweet tooth” written all over it, and that’s before the added vanilla frosting and extra sprinkles on top!


I’m currently researching on how to make a homemade version of this sweet delight as the sugar shakes have already kicked in and I am in desperate need of another slice! To all my American followers, if you have a recipe please let me know! Luke told me the craving would come …

Are you a lover of the Funfetti Cake?

Do you have that perfect recipe to make this cake from scratch?


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6 thoughts on “Funfetti Cake

  1. thesnowwoman

    Check out my In My Kitchen post for May 2016, there is a picture of a Funfetti cake and a link to the recipe I use. There are a lot of sprinkles inside and it is always very popular!

  2. Hannah

    I’ve tried making funfetti cakes before, and sadly the sprinkles you can buy in the UK don’t do it justice! I think because they’re all made with natural colours, they don’t transfer to the cake during baking and you don’t get much colour when you cut it :( I did try making my own sprinkles once though, which worked much better! :D

    • lovethelittlebakery

      I had that horrible feeling when I was looking at other ingredients. Our sprinkles aren’t that bold in colour and I worry when they bake they will loose what little colour they started with! Oh awesome, did they work out well? I may have to try that, do you have a “How To”? Hx

      • Hannah

        Yeah they were much better, probably because I used proper gel food dye to make them (it’s gotta be the good stuff if there’s a warning about hyperactivity on the label, right?!). I’ve got a how-to on my blog, :)

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