Easy Marshmallow Fondant

Today I decided to try something completely different. I had been thinking about making marshmallow fondant for a while now, but the more and more “How To’s” I read online, the more confused I seemed to get. No method seemed to be the same! And every method seemed to use different ingredients!

After much reading, I decided, what the hell, its time to give it ago and I must admit it was easy! So easy I would like to share it with you guys so you can make it too.

Things your need to make your marshmallow fondant:

  • a bag or 2 of marshmallows – these can be big or small, either works fine
  • a small amount of butter to use as grease
  • icing sugar – I would recommend you have a full bag when you start
  • food colouring (optional)
  • flavouring (optional)

And now the fun part …

1. Your need a bag or 2 of marshmallows – it really depends on how much fondant you want to make. I used just a single bag which gave me 3 batches of colours. They weren’t great quantities, but 1 bag of marshmallows would certainly cover a cake or make perfect cake toppers for at least 12 cupcakes.

2. Tip the marshmallows into a microwavable bowl. Add a couple of drops of water and toss the marshmallows so they are a bit damp. I decided to use vanilla extract as a flavouring and so didn’t even use the few drops.


Step 2

3. Take the marshmallows and pop them in the microwave  for about 10 seconds at a time. My small batch took about 20 seconds, but keep checking – your want the marshmallows to have puffed up in size and become easy to stir into a gooey mixture with a wooden spoon.


Step 3

TIP: My main tip would be to grease your wooden spoon before attempting to stir the mixture. I found the best way to do this was by rubbing small amounts of butter onto the wooden spoon or else things are going to get very sticky!

4. Now would be the perfect time to add the food colouring. I decided on red, but remember, you’re going to be adding icing sugar which will lighten the colour. I would recommend making it a bit brighter then you might actually need it.


Step 4

5. Start folding icing sugar into the mix. I would advise making sure you have a full bag of icing sugar when you start although I am doubtful that you’ll need it all! You want to keep stirring and adding the icing sugar until it becomes soft and fluffy.


Step 5

TIP: If you add too little icing sugar the fondant will be very sticky – just keep adding the icing sugar! If you add too much icing sugar it will become hard to roll out. This can easily be fixed by kneading in a little bit of butter.

And there you have it, finished marshmallow fondant! Easy right?

To store your fondant, wrap them in a piece of lightly greased plastic wrap and keep them in either a plastic tub or I decided to pop mine in the fridge since I will be using this on Wednesday to make batches of my Valentine Day cupcakes.


As its fondant, it has a pretty good shelf life of about 3 – 4 months. If you do find that it has gone a bit hard to use after being stored for a long time, you can soften it by kneading a bit of butter in or by putting it in the microwave for only a few seconds at a time.

Now its ready to roll out and use to decorate your cupcakes and cakes!

Have fun! x


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