Valentine’s Day Cake Toppers

LOVE the little bakery has been spreading the love today in the kitchen! Cupid seems to have flown by and shot me straight in the bum! It seemed only right to celebrate the day by making some personalised cake topper’s for my valentine’s cupcakes! And I would love to show you how you can make your own for any occasion, it really is so simple.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of gorgeous designs that you can buy pre-packed from shops and online stores, but here at LOVE the little bakery, we like to pride ourselves on being unique and giving our customers that personal touch they deserve.

These cake topper’s really are so simply to make, the only thing time-consuming is picking colours and chosing designs – something I could easily spend all day doing! And it all starts with a computer, a Word or design programme such as InDesign! You will also need: paper and a printer to print your lovely designs, a pair of scissors, a steady hand, glue and some kind of skewer!

By following these simple steps you can’t go wrong with making your own personalised paper cake topper’s:

1. Open a Word Document or design programme and start to come up with the design you want for your cake. With mine (see below), I decided to go for the classic arrow design with simple lettering of “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I also wanted to do something more “fancy” and simply used different shapes to come up with the circle and heart design.

2. When you’re happy with your designs, hit print and cut out.


3. Once you have cut out your designs and are happy, wrap your paper topper’s around the skewers, or if you have made a design similar to my circle ones, remember to print off 2 so that you can stick them back to back.


4. Once the topper’s have dried properly (I’d usually give them about 20-30 minutes drying time) you can use these to decorate your cupcakes.

It really is that simple! And don’t they look great!


Remember just to have fun with them! You can come up with all sorts of designs!


And you don’t even really need to make them on the computer! If you have that artistic flare burning inside of you and want to try making your topper by hand then I would definitely recommend trying it! What do you have to lose? It’s also a great way to get the kids involved with decorating cakes and can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Happy decorating guys! x


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