Fondant Roses and Leaves


Today, I came across a different type of fondant rose which is quick and easy and still looks great as a cake topper for either a large cake or small cupcakes.

Would you like to make some pretty fondant roses?

So here is my “How To” for Fondant Roses and Leaves:

To begin with, colour your fondant as desired. I decided to go for purple for the cupcakes I am making today. 

1. Roll out a small piece of fondant

2. Cut a strip about 1 1/2 – 2 inches wide


TIP: Red can be a hard colour to create (from white) so I prefer to use pre-packed so that the fondant is a nice true red!

4. Begin rolling the strip of fondant around itself


5. Continue rolling, as you pinch the base of the rose


6. When you’ve created the size rose you want (or have come to the end of the strip), pinch the base of the rose and pull off any excess fondant

7. Lay your finished roses to dry (personally, I would recommend a 2 hour drying time minimum). I tend to leave a bit of the cone shape at the end of the rose, purely for the reason that it is easier to press into the frosting of each cupcake. This is optional though, and you can certainly cut it off if you prefer!

To make the leaves, which again I would say is optional (I don’t always add the leaves when I am decorating my cupcakes):

1. Roll a tiny piece of green fondant into a ball

2. Press the ball of fondant down into your work surface and use your fingers to press down flat. You will then need to make the flat fondant into the shape of a basic leaf – I would usually go with the shape of a teardrop!

3. As a regular cake baker, I would usually use a fondant veining tool to make the veins of the leaf, but the end of a paint brush works in the exact same way.

And there you have it! With any luck you should have fondant flowers that look as good as these …

You’ll notice that there is definitely a variety in the sizes and shape of the roses. When decorating, some things are completely out of your control – like where the fondant wanted to finish. Other times things are in your control – like the tighter shaped roses which may be considered the more “perfect” looking roses.

I hope you have fun making these fondant roses and leaves. They really are so easy to do and look great as a decoration to a cake or cupcake. As you can see, you can make them in all shapes and sizes …

So go on, what you waiting for! Try them out today :)

Happy decorating! x


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