The Best of March

I started typing this post over the long Easter weekend feeling rather full of all things chocolatey and delicious! After making this beautiful Easter Cake, I have definitely had a few slices too many and needed that Monday to detox!

I didn’t really stick to that though, as I love all thing’s chocolate! It has to be one of my favourite ingredients to bake with, and through posts of our new kitchen (which I am totally in love with!), chocolate has definitely featured across the blog this month!

We started March with a “ThrowBack Thursday” post of this Chocolate Anti-Gravity Cake. I had so much fun making this, and would happily make one again, and again! They are definitely any chocolate lovers dream, and look so impressive once they have been assembled! Although they can be fiddly, they are definitely worth it when you get to photograph the end result. And to hear about how happy you made a special birthday boy, well, that was enough for me!


Next were the return of the Chocolate Brownies, this time inspired by all things Easter! Using a traditional brownie base, (and a little underdone too I may add) it was time to get all creative with a touch of Easter magic – here we have our Cadbury’s Mini Egg and Creme Egg chocolatey mess!


Following the Easter theme, I decided it was about time to bring cookies back into my life, and of course, fill them with all sorts of chocolate. These have an added crush of yet more Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, as well as the sweet taste of Diam. The cookie recipe itself is super easy, and is the basis to all my cookie bakes. It’s nice to play around with the ingredients to make different flavours.  To make double chocolate, simply substitute some of the flour for Cocoa powder or for a thick chocolate chunk, add large chocolate squares instead of chocolate chips! The possibilities are endless!


I also had a go at making Hot Cross Buns. This was definitely something new for me and very trial and error (me trialling it and making lots of errors!). To look at them, they seem very ‘Hot Cross Bun-ny’, but they just didn’t have that soft, fluffy middle texture I was hoping for. Not to worry though, it’s all part of the fun and I’m looking forward to trying these again soon (fingers crossed this time I get them right!).


How was your Easter? Did you have a nice March?

What surprises does April have in store for you?


P.S our kitchen is now almost complete! Last Friday we worked all day at putting the flooring in and our new fridge freezer arrived safely yesterday morning. It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to put the finishing touches together to make it complete! Watch this space for the finished results! :) x



6 thoughts on “The Best of March

  1. knittyniggles

    This all looks amazing!! Daim eggs are my favourite at the mo, may have to give them a bash!!
    Also I wanted to try my hand at hot cross buns! Is it too late now Easters over?!


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