Throwback Thursday: The Chocolate Anti-Gravity Cake

I have always wanted to make an Anti-Gravity Cake. My Pinterest feed has been going crazy for them in recent months. They just look incredible when they are all assembled and definitely any chocolate lovers dream cake. There are so many different designs, it’s hard to decide on what direction you want to go! Lucky for me, I needed to make a cake for a boy who just loved chocolate! Simple! How does a chocolate sponge, with chocolate buttercream frosting, edged with chocolate finger biscuits, and covered in Malteasers and chocolate M&Ms sound to you?

This was made back in December and unfortunately I just haven’t had time to post it (sad times!) But on this “Throwback Thursday” occasion, I thought it was the perfect cake to post!


The chocolate sponge was adapted from my classic Victoria Sandwich recipe. The easiest way is to substitute a proportion of the flour, say 50/60g with cocoa powder. Make sure to add a dash of extra milk as this helps the cake to stay moist. The bake itself is easy, 30 minutes in the oven and leave to cool. The buttercream is simple – whatever amount of butter you use, double it with icing sugar but again, to make it chocolatey, substitute some of the icing sugar for cocoa powder. You can find a very old post of mine for the perfect buttercream here.

The assembly of the cake is what takes the time, but is worth it in the end. I mean who doesn’t love the look of this cake? I was so happy when my fiancé made a similar one for my birthday last year, I think they are definitely “showstopper” cakes, which give a real “wow” factor when you deliver them!

Anyway, I digress ..

Once the cakes have cooled, sandwich together with a thick layer of the chocolate buttercream frosting. Then use the remaining buttercream to add a light covering all over the cake, including the sides as this will help everything to stay in place (it’s also super delicious!) The edging was created by lining chocolate finger biscuits around the sides of the cake, making sure to leave a small gap at the front so the chocolate can cascade down the cake.

To make the chocolate sweets fall out of the packets, position straws in the cake. You can now buy special kits for anti-gravity cakes here, but if you have that urge, and no time to pop out, then 2 straws will work perfectly. Remember, you’re building up the chocolates around these straws so a) you won’t see them, and b) the chocolates will help build the strength. Use a small amount of tape to secure the packets to the straws, making sure that there is a big enough gap at the bottom of the packets to insert the chocolate pieces.


Remember to work from the flat top of the cake, then down the sides and finally working up the straws to make the chocolate look as though its falling out of the wrappers. I found this the easiest way as the chocolates have a base to build up from. Secure all your chocolate pieces in place with any left over buttercream. You won’t need much, but it needs to be of a thicker consistency then say, melted chocolate, so that they stick easily to one another.

And voila!

Some useful tips:

  • Make sure you have plenty of time on your hands for this one. Although it doesn’t seem overly hard to make, positioning the chocolates can be tricky, as they need enough time to set before adding extra weight. I made mine in stages, where I left 10 minutes in-between. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you make one – you’ll get to a point where the weight is too much and they will start to fall. Just leave it for a few minutes before starting again. I use the remaining buttercream as it hardens quicker then melted chocolate, for example.
  • Make sure you have plenty of ingredients – I went through 3 boxes of chocolate fingers, 4 packets of the smarties and 2 large boxes of the Malteaser’s. Make sure to buy more than you think you need.

What do you think to this Anti-Gravity Cake? Are you inspired to give it a go for yourself?

Have you ever tried to make one? What have been your experiences?



12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The Chocolate Anti-Gravity Cake

  1. linsolo93

    Definitely inspired to try and make one. My friend & fellow foodie & creative baker John Holland has made a few. I would like to make one for a friend’s 50th birthday. If I make it look half as hood as yours I may even blog on Thanks for sharing!

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