Making Progress

For those of you who follow the blog, you’ll know the LOVE the little bakery kitchen is having a makeover! At the end of February we ripped out the entire kitchen in preparation for a new floor and whole new carcasses, doors, worktop, tiling .. (the list goes on). It’s been hard graft these part few weeks and I sit typing this with a well earned Gin and Tonic in hand!

Our Kitchen before the Make Over!


So far, progress looks slow, but we’ve done a lot! With new electric sockets, brand new plumbing and a lot of dusty sanding and painting the kitchen is starting to look like an actual kitchen again. We have a working sink and a wired in oven meaning it’s no more soups and microwaveable meals for us! Yippee!

New screed flooring, levelling out a very uneven floor below!

 I’m counting down the weeks now until it’s finished and I can go back to the thing I love most .. Baking! With Easter fast approaching I have a long list of ideas I’m in need to try and also excited at the thought of using my new kitchen to do so. And with new baking accessories already in various online baskets, the blog may even have a little makeover of its own, with a new style of photography, and a much brighter and crisp edge!

New plumbing, a new sink and an added bonus of a dishwasher. Cleaning after baking will never be the same again!

 Now hurry up April!



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