The Pastry Diaries

So the bake off once again has inspired millions to jump on the baking bandwagon and create some wonderful showstoppers of their own, from the comfort of their homes. For me, it gave me a nudge I needed to try my hand at different pastry bakes.

I’m certainly no pastry chef, and I’m sure you’ll all have read some of my epic fails along with some triumphs and success. But the thought of making something other than a pie is truly daunting. I mean, until the other day I didn’t even know what Hot Water Pastry was! Turns out it will be the base of my Pork Pie. Who would have thought!

All bakers have their signature bakes and areas that they are stronger in. For me, it’s cake making and design. I can create a whopping show stopper with various layers, sponge flavours and floral decorations. But pastry .. we have a love, hate relationship!

So welcome to the Pastry Diaries. For the next few weeks I will be experimenting with all things pastry. It’s going to be a challenge, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! The hardest part is knowing where to start …

Are you a pastry chef or is pastry making where your strengths lie? Can you offer me some helpful tips before I start?

Or are you like me and a complete novice? Do you know your choex form your puff?

– Nope, nor me!



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