The Best of September

September has been a very quiet month for LOVE the little bakery, but personally, it’s been an amazing month. We booked flights to one of our favourite destinations over 6 months ago, and the day finally came to board that plane to Brisbane, Australia. We had a wonderful time, with sunny days and glorious sandy beaches, as well as visiting a number of delicious restaurants which served a wide range of scrumptious dishes to try.

Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia

I’m sure you are all aware I have a massive sweet tooth, so anything sweet and sickly is a must try for me. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed with this Fondant for Two by Max Brenner. With favourite dipping items including fresh strawberries, bananas, marshmallow and banana bread (a new favourite of mine), I was literally in sweet, sweet heaven! Unfortunately for us Brits, Max Brenner isn’t around in the UK, and so you’ll need to plan a holiday to one of these locations. I’m hoping one day they may look to open one here, perhaps London. I could then tie in a visit with a day shopping …


Breakfast in Australia was probably one of my favourite meals. I’m a huge fan of breakfast food, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. With a range of different egg dishes, a new love for avocado and of course some sweeter delights, each morning was a struggle to pick just one!

My favourite had to be this French Toast, with bacon and caramelised banana which was spotted on a menu along the lakefront in Noosa. I love french toast, and caramelised bananas are my favourite way of eating them, but the salted bacon against the sweetness of the maple syrup had me curious. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well the different flavours complimented each other, and will definitely be making this at home as a weekend treat!image

Now, I could easily write pages and pages of our trip, but as always, this time of month means a short roundup of Septembers shenanigans and baking experiences. And this month will definitely be a short one.

Looking back, I can’t believe there were only two posts, being this scrummy rich Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting and this Piping Tutorial. I’m so pleased so many of you have found this tutorial post useful, I find it’s one of the easiest ways to pipe, but also creates a really cute looking rose pattern for the top of your cupcake. It’s the little things!

I’m still so behind with my posts, I have so many exciting recipes to share with you, it’s just been difficult lately trying to find the time. But this month I’ll be flooding your feeds with what I think are some truly scrummy bakes, including buttermilk waffles, white chocolate and malteaser cheesecakes, double chocolate chip cookies and rich chocolate cupcakes. Mmm yummy!

Did you catch my Round Up for September’s Edition of Our Growing Edge? There were some great submissions and a number of recipes I can’t wait to try for myself, so watch this space!

Happy October ladies and gents, can’t wait to see all your Halloween inspired bakes flood my feed!



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