Cupcake Piping: Tutorial

After a recent post on these beautiful rose fondant cupcakes, I was asked how I pipe my cupcakes. So I thought the easiest way to show you would be to do a quick demonstration.

Now, this is something very new for me. I’m always more than happy to take pictures of my bakes, whether they are a success or not, but I have never really had the confidence to make a video .. that is until now! With the help of Luke as my camera man, and a lot of takes (the outtakes themselves are probably longer than this video!), here is a small tutorial on how I get this beautiful finish on my cupcakes.


These cupcakes were an experiment into making cupcakes without eggs, which has been a recent request by a colleague of Luke’s. You may remember my earlier post on my struggles to get eggless cupcakes right, and the results certainly proved interesting. I’m pleased to say I will only needed to make 20 of these completely dairy free cupcakes instead of the original 100, but instead, got to make an additional 80 of my favourite tried and tested cupcakes!

I hope you find this short tutorial helpful, and please do leave a comment below with any questions you might have or any feedback.

Cupcake Piping – Tutorial:

Happy piping!



9 thoughts on “Cupcake Piping: Tutorial

  1. artybaker

    This was great! You’re right, it is pretty simple once you know how but watching you do it was a great help. Thanks for posting this – now I must go make some cupcakes!

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