Fondant Pansies

wpid-PhotoEditor-1437380725209.jpgLate last month I was asked to make a cake to replicate a cake the recipient made with his sister for his mum’s birthday 30 years ago. It was much fun to make, but I felt a lot of pressure to make sure I got it right! I was so happy with the way it turned out, and it went down a treat with his mum. This two tiered vanilla sponge with buttercream filling followed the brief to the dot and the delicate fondant pansies are all handmade.

Here is a short “How To” on how to make these beautify pansies that not only make great decorations for cakes, but also can be used as cupcake toppers. My technique is very simple with no fancy cutters or expensive tools.

This is what I used:

  • purple fondant icing
  • yellow fondant icing
  • a small paintbrush
  • black gel food colouring
  • edible glue
  • fondant rolling pin
  • round circular cutter – I used a small piping nozzle
  • corn flour to dust the work surface

Step 1:

Roll out your fondant icing in your relevant colours so the fondant is about 1/2mm in thickness. Use a small circular cutter and cut enough circles for your pansy petals, making sure that each pansies has 2 circles for the top petals, and 3 circles for the bottom petals.

Step 2:

Overlap the 2 top coloured circles and press firmly together.


Step 3:

Use 3 of the bottom coloured circular petals and overlap the top 2 as above. Firmly press them together so that they stick, you may even want to help the process by using either water or edible glue.

Step 4:

Use the final bottom colour circular petal and place in the middle of the other 2 as above. Again, use water or edible glue to bind together.


To make the pansies come alive, use a black gel colourant and a small paintbrush to paint downwards on the bottom circles and outwards on the other 2 bottom coloured petals. Makes sure before you attach to the cake that you allow them to dry overnight and harden. Once they are solid, it will make it easier to attach to the cake. However, if you want them to sit tightly around the sides of the cake then you may want to try and glue them in place when they are still wet so that they can dry rounded.

They work really well as decoration, and are so easy to make in just 4 simple steps. You can also make them in an array of colours to suit your bake, but the steps will always be the same.

I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial, and do let me know if you chose to give them a go for yourself. Remember, I also have a really simple tutorial on the blog for fondant roses, which give a really beautiful finish to any type of cake or cupcake.

Happy caking!



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