The Best Of July

So now we are meant to have reached the height of summer with August, but without fail, it rains every year and it turns out we had our summer back in May! Even so, July has been an amazing month for me, which is why I sit typing this with a massive smile on my face!

Lucky me got to I spend the first few days of July in Baveno in North Italy. Italy is a truly beautiful place, and we had an amazing few days walking around the small town, eating some incredibly Italian food and taking the odd boat tour out to some stunning Islands. It was one of those weekend escapes you just didn’t want to end. I loved the food and the people, the whole vibe that came with Italian culture. It definitely inspired me to do more Italian cooking at home, and to be more creative when it comes to pasta dishes. The flavours out there were amazing, I could have quite happily sat along the lake front all day, with someone bringing me out plate after plate from the menu. I would recommend to anyone with a love of good food and taste for  culture to head on over to Baveno for a few days, it is totally worth the trip and I guarantee you’ll have an amazing experience!



Now, July has also bought a love for salad and BBQ’s, as well as the usual cup of tea (or two). Luke has introduced me to Quinoa in my salad and I cannot get enough of it! The best way to describe it is that it’s kind of like rice, but not haha! It’s basically very light and adds great texture to a normal salad. With the added crunch of homemade croutons and a thick slice of homemade bread, I could eat this on an almost daily basis. I love a good salad during the summer months, and this surely hits the spot!


It’s also been the return of the BBQ season, and although I haven’t had as many as I would have hoped for, the ones we have had have been awesome. Nothing beats an evening with friends and family, around our small little barbie cooking up tasty burgers and seasonal veggies. We also enjoyed an evening of toasting marshmallows, something I haven’t done since I was a small kid! They are such social things, and I hope to still plan an few more before the year ends and the frost takes over!

Now onto the bakes. The blog has seemed a little quiet to me this month, with lots of baking behind the scenes but less time to actually sit down and blog about them. There are some great things to come, I just simply haven’t had a chance to post them! Anyone who is a food blogger knows that it’s not an easy job! There is the initial bake which can take a whole weekend, then the photos, and then to blog post to follow. I wouldn’t change what I do, its a huge passion of mine and I absolutely love it!

Last month included a lot of fruit and tart based bakes, which included scrummy Blueberry and Winter Berry Tart, as well as this beautifully zesty Lemon Tart by Mary Berry. Summer is the perfect excuse for these type of desserts, and I love both the making and the blogging. It almost puts a spring in your step and makes you feel that little bit more summery!


Following the summer vibe of the month, I loved blogging and showing you how to make these adorable fondant roses for cupcakes. I love working with fondant and tying in the seasons. If you haven’t already given these a go, I would definitely recommend it. They give such a beautiful finish to a method which is so incredibly simple.


I also tried something a little different last month by baking for the very first time these tasty Honey and Pecan Granola Bars. They are a healthy alternative to cake, and the added touch of cinnamon gives a burst of different flavours, from the sweetness of the honey, to the crunch of the pecans. You can also change the recipe depending on taste, meaning no bake has to be the same. I love choice, and I love baking what I enjoy, so these will sure be another feature on the blog in months to come.

I was also nominated for the Dragon Loyalty Award by the lovely StephySweetBakes. This was an honour and I really do love the blogging community and all it’s support. I also reached my 300th follower which really did leave me in disbelief. I can’t belief that many people want to follow my baking journey. This really does link back to my other point on such a supportive blogging community, as you guys help give me the motivation to post and continue to post on a weekly basis. So thank you!

With that in mind, I would love to work with anyone who would be interested in Guest Blogging with LOVE the little bakery. I was honoured to have Chinelo from Good Cake Day as our first guest blogger for July. It’s nice to bring something a little different to the blog and to share other posts from bloggers with a similar passion.

Any guest posts will remain on LOVE the little bakery indefinitely, and you write the contents of what you want to appear! It will always be linked back to your blog with a welcome introduction from myself, as well as being promoted through the likes of Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Happy August everyone!

What were your highlights of July?




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