The Chronicles of Nel’s cupcakes

I am so excited to announce Chinelo from Good Cake Day is our first guest blogger on LOVE the little bakery! Eek! Her blog is brilliant and she uses it to document her cake decorating journey. There is no doubt she will one day become the cake decorator extraordinaire she wants to be, and I look forward to following her journey.

I hope you do too!


Cupcakes are awesome! They’re usually a few bite sizes big (yup that’s less guilt people, can I get an Amen???) and the decorating possibilities are endless. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before I tried my hand at making a batch. Here’s my story…


I used the remaining yellow cake batter from a cake I was making and baked the cupcakes with the main cake in my small oven (if you’ve read my earlier posts about stuffing my oven you can already tell this doesn’t end well). I honestly can’t tell you what went wrong (besides maybe overcrowding) but my cupcakes came out rubbery on the outside but fluffy on the inside when warm and hard on the outside but fluffy on the inside when cooled. A bit like an American biscuit but without the salt.



This time around, I followed Annie Bell’s recipe for her orange and pistachio cupcakes. My friend Miss R had thought me how to fold a cake mixture a few weeks before so I was feeling confident. If you’re wondering why my folding ability is worthy of note, just know that the first time I read a recipe that called for folding cake ingredients three times, I literally mixed the batter three times. So yes, this was progress and the outcome was amazing!!! Beautiful and fluffy with a nice zesty twist to it. The pistachios were a welcome nutty extra.



After my second attempt at making cupcakes, I was feeling pretty confident. So confident that I reverted to my first approach of using a yellow cake recipe instead of a designated cupcake recipe. This time however, I didn’t overcrowd my oven. I stuck to 1 tray of 12 cavities per bake session and dare I blow my own trumpet??? Yes, I think I will. It was epic!!!

Cupcake heaven… Look at these risen glories

These were the fluffiest cupcakes ever! They were fluffy as fluff. I mean each bite felt like soft pillowy loveliness in your mouth. I am unashamed to say that I ate two successively in one sitting. I even overheard people I had never met before compliment them (naturally, I was over the moon with the result).

And with some frosting
and in a box… (I made these for a birthday party)

Now you may be wondering why I am writing about my experience of learning to make cupcakes or why I bother cataloguing my journey. The reason is simple. We all start somewhere and more often than not things aren’t as simple as they seem. Likewise, they usually aren’t as hard as they seem and with a bit of practice you can achieve the most amazing things.

In my case, making cupcakes was harder than it seemed from afar but not as hard as I thought. So whilst I’m not quite the expert I’m definitely on a journey and enjoying the ride :)

What’s been your cupcake journey???

Until next time, have a good cake day!!!


* Post by Chinelo from Good Cake Day. For more great posts, head on over to her blog now


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