300 Followers – Thank you xx

thanksThis year has been a very exciting year for LOVE the little bakery. Not only have I posted over 100 posts since I first began blogging a few years ago, but I reached my 100th follower back in April. To me, that was pretty good going for a small time blogger with very little blogging experience, but with a passion to bake on a regular basis.

But since then, I have been nominated for 5 blog awards, which I am so incredibly grateful for, I have branched out with social media through Twitter and Instagram, but today I reached my 300th follower! I am in total disbelieve!

Again, I want to say such a massive thank you to all my followers for helping to inspire me to keep writing and posting – When I first started my blogging journey with LOVE the little bakery, I really wasn’t expecting to get many readers. I just thought it would be a good place to finally make a note of all the recipes I try, whether they were a complete success or an absolute disaster (and there have been a few of those!)

I can’t wait to continue my blogging journey and hopefully continue to grow with my followers along the way. This is such an achievement for me, when I first started I could only dream of having so many wonderful follower.

So thank you lovely people, I love sharing my recipes with you and I love even more when you try them for yourself :)

So raise a glass with me ladies and gents! I’m truly honoured.

Thank you!



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