Mary Berry’s Classic Lemon Tart

I had been wanting to make a Lemon Tart for a while, so when the weekend came I was all geared up to give it ago, except Luke beat me to it! You may remember my recent post on Strawberry Shortbread which was a pud especially for my dad visiting me for Father’s Day. Well while I was busy making the biscuits, Luke was busy making pastry for his Lemon Tart! And I have to say, he makes very good pastry! He made a very good Lemon Tart! I may have had a bit of the green eyed monster in me –!


The recipe came courtesy of Mary Berry. I love her recipes, and her cook books. I have to say my book case has more than a few of her books lining the shelves. She just has so many recipes for all abilities and makes cooking fun and enjoyable. Plus her bakes are super scrummy, I felt very lucky to have watched her bake live at my local Waitrose store a few years ago. Anyway, I know I’m going a little off course here ..

I have never tried to make one before, and I was surprised at the results. I had made a Lemon Meringue Pie before and thought the middle would be of a similar consistency, but because of the cream the middle is light and fluffy, a very pleasant and unexpected flavour, but I truly loved it! Tarts are one of my favourite things, especially during the summer because they super easy to make and you can fill them with practically anything! This Lemon Tart doesn’t have to just be lemon – you can make any sort of citrusy tart, from limes to oranges, whatever suits your taste buds!wpid-PhotoEditor-1434916299870.jpg

We did make a few slight changes to the recipe above. We only had small 7inch tins with not a great depth, perfect for a rising sponge for a Victoria Sandwich, but not quite so good for a tart. Both the pastry and the filling made for two of these tarts, so we enjoyed one ourselves and my mum also appreciated the extra tart for herself! They are meant to be good for freezing as well, so if like me you only have small tins (or large cake tines, but who wants a 14 inch tart the size of a cake?) don’t panic, pop it in the freezer and bring out at another time you want to dazzle with your citrusy Lemon Tart!

This tart will serve 8-10 (depending on your size slice – Personally, I like a big slice so there may not be much left to share!) But it went down really well over the weekend, and was nice that we had guests to share it with!


Are you a fan of the Lemon Tart? What is your favourite citrusy dessert?



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