Birthday Treats with Cute Flower Cupcakes.

It was friends birthday a few weekends ago, and as well as getting her a small something for the occasion, I thought it would also be nice to surprise her with some homemade cupcakes. She knows me well, and knows how much I love to bake as my birthday present from her was a beautiful Cath Kidston spatular, an apron and some fondant modelling tools. Now to me, birthdays have to include cake, which is why I thought these would be ideal. And the fondant roses themselves are so easy to make, you can literally put them together in 3 easy steps. They add a beautiful feminine tough to the classic cupcake and who doesn’t love a touch of girliness on their birthday?
Step 1:

Roll out your chosen fondant so that it is a few millimetre in thickness. It helps to cover the work surface in cornflour to stop the fondant sticking. It also brushes really easily off the fondant so doesn’t leave any white marks like you may have with flour.

imageStep 2:

Use a round cutter, in variable sizes to cut your fondant. I find that piping nozzles make perfect tools, especially the 1M for the larger rose petals. Once cut out, assemble in a line like in the picture below, so each circle is over lapping the other slightly. Depending on how thick you want your rose will depend on how may circles you use. I chose to make some using both 5 circles and 4 circles, however there wasn’t a great deal of difference between the two sizes!
imageStep 3:

Simply start at one end and gently roll the circles, and you will end up with this beautiful rose shape. To finish, pinch the end. If you are careful you can make 2 roses out of each rolled circle cluster as you’ll get a more “perfect” rose one end, and another similar rose on the other.
imageThese really are amazingly easy to make and add a touch of detailing to any cupcake. I love using fondant for decoration, you can actually get some real detail from the designs. Each rose is delicate and looks as though it took time and craftsmanship to get right. They add a real professionalism, don’t you think?
image image
Do you like working with fondant? What has been your best creation?



18 thoughts on “Birthday Treats with Cute Flower Cupcakes.

  1. artybaker

    Wow, these look beautiful! I’m so jealous of your piping ability – mine never comes out looking that good! Definitely going to try out your fondant rose method. I’ve seen so many of them claiming to be really simple and easy but yours is the first that I think I could actually do! Bet the cupcakes were delicious, great post. :)

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