The Best of May


May was both a busy and exciting month for me, with lots of scrummy bakes, a few blog award nomination and even a cheeky summer getaway to Spain. I’m not really sure where to start with rounding up the month, and still can’t quite believe we say goodbye to another month and hello to a new. This year has absolutely whizzed by and I’m still confused how we are half way through the year already! Literally, where has the time gone!

liebsteraward-roses-tagSo May was very exciting for me and my little blog, as I was nominated for not one, but two blog awards, the Liebster Award and the Real Net Blog Award. These were both massive achievements for me as I have never been nominated for any type of blog award before. I love the blogging community and following blogs of likeminded people, who have a similar passion for baking as I do. It’s also great to read other blog posts for inspiration as it’s nice to be able to try new things. I can’t wait for the summer months to come, although at the moment its only cloud and rain. What a great start to June!

As I’m sure you are aware of by now, I have a lot of love for the spring and summer months, and I think my bakes reflect this throughout May. Strawberry Muffins were one of my favourite bakes and very much “spring-like.” They are light and fruity and use my all-time favourite berries. I’m looking forward to using the basic recipe to experiment with more fruits and flavours throughout the summer months, and then share them with you here!

I also had a lot of fun experimenting with the Ombre Rose Cake. This was so much fun to make, although slightly infuriating when I ran out of buttercream right near the last pipe! Luckily, this is a great technique that means you can literally scrape off any frosting that doesn’t go right and simple start again. I hope I get to make another one of these cakes, I’d love to try a more layered cake with ombre sponges, starting with a dark colour and finishing with a light. Then the piped roses going in a similar effect. There is so much scope for these cakes and a lot of experimenting to do. Pinterest is a great playground for ideas, so if you are wanting to make one of these cakes this summer, check out some of the amazing cakes that have already been pinned for some ombre inspiration!

wpid-PhotoEditor-1429962652242.jpgNow I love Spring, but unfortunately living in England means the weather isn’t always predictable and May doesn’t automatically mean sunshine and warmth, which is where there are a few almost autumn/winter warmer recipes. Cinnamon Swirls are quite heavy, but there sweetness from the cinnamon makes them a perfect winner with a nice pot of tea. We are still there in England, the tea drinkers. It’s not quite weather for refreshing coolers and summer cocktails just yet.


There were also the M&M cookies, which if I’m honest, are winners all year round with me. There is never not a time to eat them, especially since there are so many different types to try – you can literally tailor them to the current season! I actually have a bag of peanut M&Ms in my cupboard right now, soon they will be made into some form of cookie.. May be with some added peanut butter …

So now it’s time to say Goodbye May and Hello June and come up with some new and exciting recipes. Now on the 29th May was National Biscuit Day and although a little late to the party, I have a perfect homemade Jammie Dodger recipe I can’t wait to share with you, so keep an eye out for that one coming to the blog very soon.

What have been your highlights for May? Are you excited for the coming summer months?

What new recipes will you be trying?




10 thoughts on “The Best of May

  1. Jenna

    Loved the idea of summarizing the month! I’m looking forward to school ending which means some time off for me! Can’t wait to devote more time to baking a blogging :)

    • lovethelittlebakery

      Sometimes it’s just nice to look back at everything that has happened in the month. I think I may make this a monthly addition to the blog :) Oh wow, that sounds blissful! I can’t wait to read about all your bakes Hx

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