A Week en Espana

I have just come back from a lovely week in sunny Spain to find I have been nominated for the Real Neat Blogger Award by the lovely Jenna from I’d Much Rather be Baking. This is another honour after last week’s nomination for the Liebster Award, so keep an eye out for that post coming soon.

Talking of exciting news, I have also been invited by Genie of Bunny Eats Design to host September’s edition of Our Growing Edge. I’m a huge fan of what she is trying to achieve by bringing bloggers together and inspire ourselves to try something new! Each month she compiles snapshots of what food bloggers have been getting up to and the host blogs about it. I’m so excited! And what excites me even more is it will provide me with a range of new recipes to try! Yay!

Anyway, through all my excitement I am blogging something a little different today! Spain wasn’t just a summer holiday to me, it also gave me an insight into culture and food. We ate a variety of different types of food, traditional paella dishes with jugs of sangria, as well as a few home favourites. The trip has definitely inspired me to bring some of that back into my own kitchen and revisit old recipes as well as experiment with new.

Now Spain is know for its Valor chocolate, and I have to say, it truly is amazing – I wish I could get some here in the UK. It would make some pretty scrummy bakes! But unfortunately it’s a once a year kinda treat, and a treat it was; 6 scrummy churros with a cup of creamy Valor chocolate for dipping. This really is my idea of heaven and I was tempted to treat myself to a second (after all I did have to share!) It’s treats like this that totally inspires me to try and make them for myself. I mean why settle for once a year when you can have them once a month. Okay, so that might be a little frequent but you get where I’m coming from right? The joys of being able to bake is that you get to make what you want, when you want. And this makes Hannah very happy!


Spain has also given me the extra nudge to get back in the kitchen and try a third time at making croissants. Now I’m sure you’ll all remember my horrendous attempt at making croissants a few months ago, but after having the most light and buttery croissants I have ever tasted, I’m determined more than ever now to get them right!


We stumbled across this beautiful building which I’m pretty sure was an old train station back in the day. Inside it was filled with restaurants and little cafes, with a downstairs market. Totally my kind of place, and on our hunt for breakfast we came across this little cafe. Through very broken Spanish and some form of hand gesturing (and rather confused faces) we managed to order breakfast! Croissants with jam, orange juice and a capaccino. The perfect way to start the day! image image

Now I speak very (and I mean very) little Spanish, so ordering anything sends me into a complete panic, which is why Luke usually does it – not that his Spanish is any better then mine. There have even been times he’s spoken French as if that’s perfectly normal I’m SPAIN! Anyway, sometimes not really understanding can be a blessing and we were both totally thrown when we semi worked out they might not have any more “normal” croissants left for a cheeky second breakfast. What came out instead, was a funny looking croissant with seeds! Seeds! Who puts seeds on a croissants? Only to make it literally the best croissant in the world! I can now totally understand why people use croissants as an almost sandwich base, filled with hams and cheeses. It was actually amazing. In the words of my better half, “it has literally changed my life for the better!”

My mission now is to find that recipe to make them over and over again. I really am so excited to be back in my own kitchen again, feeling fully inspired to try new bakes and work on those that in the past haven’t been quite so successful. And then I get to write about them and share them with you lovelies. Oh I do love my life! :)

Do you have any holidays planned for the year? What experiences inspire you to bake?

4 thoughts on “A Week en Espana

  1. afracooking

    Loved discovering your blog! Great recipes and cute pictures. Reading the question at the end of this blog just made me laugh: I just came back from a holiday in France……which inspired me to bake and blogg abour a bread that I had at a little B&B in Burgundy :-)

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