Experimental Croissants

After such a successful Tuesday with reaching over 100 followers (thank you again lovelies!) I thought it good timing to tell you about my recent not so successful bake – I’m hoping it’s all going to balance out!

You may remember last year I tired my hand at a “cheats” way at making homemade croissants, the recipe courtesy of the mother in law. Did you read it? If not, you can catch it here. She usually uses the recipe for Raspberry Danish, but said it would work just as well for croissants .. and she was right! But I really wanted to try and make them the so called “proper way” with the big slab of butter and a lot of rolls and folds. I was fully aware of the time it would take, that wasn’t so much the issue. Although looking back, 2 days to prepare before baking for them to go horribly wrong is a little frustrating, but it hasn’t stopped me from wanting to try again!

Now this might seem like a strange post, writing about a bake that went horribly wrong. But I think its really important to share experiences, good or bad, as there is always someone out there that will give a helping hand and a few helpful pointers.

I followed the recipe to the dot, and the dough looked exactly like I thought it should. It rolled out neatly and the butter seemed to hold itself in place, no nasty spillages or crumbling dough. They then went in the oven and browned nicely, they crisped around the edges and when you cut into them you could see the different folds to give that croissant texture (well .. you could see a few folds ..). But they just didn’t taste like a croissant! They were dense and heavy – they just didn’t have that soft buttery texture that you just know it should have!


So I spent the afternoon reading “What is wrong with my croissants” to see if I could get a better understanding of what I did wrong. It turns out it could have been a number of reasons – it could be that I did not layer the butter well enough or create enough layers, to encourage that flakiness in the oven. Or it could have been under-proofed, no, they were definitely under-proofed – I now know they need to be left for a long, long while before being popped in the oven, something I have to admit I didn’t do (my bad!) I could clearly see that my croissant had not double in size like they should have. Patience is an acquired skill .. But into the oven they went and guess what happened? Pools of melted butter leaked out from my croissants when they were baked, indicating that they are heavily under-proofed. Disaster!


I think I definitely have a long way to go, but from reading various articles and blogs online, it takes most people a good few tries before they get it right. It seems croissants depend on so many things, the temperature of the dough, the butter, the oven! It’s all about trying to find out what works for you in your kitchen and your working environment.

I’m keen to master the art of croissant making as they really are one of my favourite breakfast foods. And recently making homemade jam means croissants are just asking to be made to accompany that! But as they say, practice makes perfect .. and there is always third time lucky! I guess it’s back to the drawing board, probably for a few more infuriating wrong batches, leaky dough and overcooked edges, but we’ll get there in the end .. Well, fingers crossed anyway!

I wonder if pan au chocolat’s are any easier …

Have you got a recipe you can share for the perfect croissant?

Have you had a go at making some for yourself? I’d love to know your experiences :)

H x


16 thoughts on “Experimental Croissants

  1. themigrantchef

    I think it looks like a very good attempt. Puff pastry is particularly difficult to get perfect, especially without a professional guiding you through the process. In my experience, most of the issues arise in the laminating process. As you work to fold in the butter, you shouldn’t see any trace of butter in the dough. It should become all one part. Usually by your 6th or 7th lamination, the cold butter is worked well enough into the dough. If you had puddles of butter when it baked, that would indicate the sheets of butter were separate from the dough. Good luck next time😃👍

  2. Whisked Away

    Oh man, I’ve had many fails in the kitchen too! The funny thing is that I have a croissant recipe ear marked in a cook book that I’ve been thinking about attempting. After reading how fussy they are, I have a feeling my culinary skills (or patience) aren’t quite up to the task! I think I’ll leave this one up to the professionals instead :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Claire Huston

    I think you are brave just to give this a go! There’s so much folding and manipulating of the dough involved, I don’t think I’d have the stamina or patience. Keep us posted on your progress, particularly if you try pan au chocolat (mmmm…). :-)

  4. Linda

    Thanks for sharing your ‘attempt’! They look good! I’ve never tried to make croissants and I think, like Jamie from JustWhiskedAway, I will stick to eating the professionals’ beautiful light croissants! If you do make the pan au chocolat share it too!! I may not make them but I can definitely drool over the photos!!

  5. dottynoodle

    I love your photos! Spring is definitely in the air with the daffodils and blue background! Just discovered your blog and am really enjoying looking through it :)

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