The Mini Mouse Inspired Giant Cupcake

You may remember late last year I tried my hand at making a Giant Cupcake. I think they are brilliant, I mean why wouldn’t you want a cupcake 25 times the size of a normal one! That surely has to be a good thing, I mean normal size cupcakes are pretty darn good, but one giant one … Anyway, moving swiftly on before I go into day dreams of cupcakes …

Last week I told you guys how I attended a charity bake sale in aid of Comic Relief. It was a really successful Sunday afternoon and we were in total cake heaven with all the delicious homemade goodies they had on offer! I was asked to make a “Show Stopper” for their raffle as they were a little short, which was something I was more than happy to help out with. I’m sure you all know by now how much I love baking, anything cake decorating related and most importantly, I love a challenge – it was perfect!

So I came up with this little beauty …

I thought long and hard what I would make, and then I thought about being 6 years old again and thinking how much I loved Disney and always wanting to be Mini Mouse! As there were going to be a majority of mums and children, I just thought it would be a sure winner! And it was surprisingly easy to make as well, once the cupcake had cooked and cooled, the decoration was so much fun.

Fancy turning your Giant Cupcake into a Mini Mouse?

For the decoration:

I had always wondered how pictures of Giant Cupcakes had the most amazingly smooth sides of the cupcake case. I racked my brains for ages trying to work out how to do it, and then trusty YouTube came to the rescue and it couldn’t be more easy.wpid-PhotoEditor-1425409801004.jpg

  1. Melt some Wilton Candy Melts on a low heat until you get a smooth, creamy consistency. I chose red ones, but there is a vast variety of different colours to choose from all with a vanilla taste.
  2. Take the bottom half of your giant cupcake mould and pour in the melted candy melts . Use a pastry brush or silicone spatular to make sure that the mixture gets worked right  into the ridges and all the way up the sides from the base to the top.
  3. Set aside in the fridge for about an hour until the candy melts have hardened again.
  4. Remove from the mould carefully and place the base onto a cake board.

Once you have your base, you can fill it with the pre cooked sponge base by simply sliding it into the mould. You may want to trim down the sides so that it slides in easily and isn’t too tight against the mould – you wouldn’t want the weight of the cake and the pressure to push against the sides, as this will make your mould crack! This conceals the sponge and gives a much cleaner edge. You can choose to use ready rolled icing instead which works just as well. I then used small white fondant dots to make the classic Mini Mouse attire bottom. I melted a few extra Candy Melts to make sure they stayed firmly in place. And we are half way done! Eek!


I decided on just plain vanilla frosting for the top, and piped in a way to try and make the topping look like little flowers. You need to make sure that the icing isn’t too runny as it will simply start to slide off the cake! Too thick though and it will be hard to pipe! Make sure to do a test first onto a surface to see what your consistency is like. That way, if it too hard, you could add extra milk, or if it’s the other way around, you could try adding more icing sugar.

For the Mini Mouse ears and classic bow:

  1. Cut two black circles out of fondant icing, it is entirely up to you how big you want them, but I would definitely recommend making them a good day or so in advance so it gives the fondant enough time to set and become hard to hold its shape.
  2. Next is the bow – roll out your chosen coloured fondant into a long rectangular shape. Then, cut more circles from the white fondant and press firmly into the rolled fondant using a splash of water. Just remember not to use too much and try not to get the water right to the edges as if it leaks it will make your fondant sticky and harder to roll.
  3. Then roll the fondant again with the white dots until the fondant is totally smooth. I think this just gives it a better look instead of having the dots standing out!
  4. Cut the fondant into two strips, you will want one long strip and then a slightly shorter one but of a greater thickness.
  5. Take 2 piece of kitchen towel and fold into a quarter, a quarter again, and then roll. This will be used to help give the ribbon its puffy bow shape.wpid-PhotoEditor-1425409588818.jpg
  6. Bring back the longer piece of fondant and turn it over so that the plain colour is now on top and use a small paintbrush to dab water onto the middle of the fondant strip. Take your kitchen towel and place in the centre of the one half of the ribbon, folding the fondant from the outer to the middle of the bow, covering the kitchen towel and using that to keep its shape. Then repeat with the other side.
  7. You are almost there – Now take the second piece of fondant and place it in the centre of the bow. Wrap around the bow sides and pinch together until it has completely wrapped itself around the two sides. By pinching it together, you get a really nice puffy bow effect which I think works really well :)wpid-PhotoEditor-1425409988900.jpg

The finishing touches:

Now it’s time to put the last pieces of the cake together – Place the ears into the frosted top of the cake. You  may want to make small incisions into the sponge itself to keep them more securely in place. Then you will need to remove the kitchen towel out of the bow and position as you wish on top of the cake, central to the ears.wpid-PhotoEditor-1425758871231.jpgwpid-PhotoEditor-1425758991949.jpg


And viola! A Mini Mouse inspired Giant Cupcake.

I almost wanted to keep it for myself, it was so cute and I really loved making it. Kids cakes are always so much fun, there is a lot of creativity to have with them and the results always bring me back to my childhood!

What would be your favourite Disney inspired cake?


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