Hot Chocolate Spoons

Happy Monday guys! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Did you catch  my last minute Mother’s Day gift idea on the blog Saturday?


I came up with a hamper filled with lots of homemade goodies, including these Hot Chocolate Spoons. They are great for making in advance (or as gifts), the best part is all the flavour combinations you could come up with! Pinterest have a number of different variations to the recipe and the amount of flavoured hot chocolate spoons available is unreal! You could spend the year just sampling the different ones already floating around – not to mention the ones you may want to try and create yourself!


So, you want to try and give the basic hot chocolate spoon a go? For this, you will need:


  • 225g of dark or milk chocolate depending on preference
  • 70g  of icing sugar
  • 30g cup of cocoa powder
  • mini marshmallows
  • a chocolate mould, or anything you can use as a mould – I used a heart shaped ice cube mould which I thought would be a nice touch since I would be using these as gifts!
  • spoons and some ribbon (disposable spoons if you are giving these away as gifts), and then some cellophane wrap (optional)


  1. Simply melt your Chocolate in a large bowl, then stir in the Icing Sugar and Cocoa Powder until you get a thick mixture, nearly a dough like consistency.
  2. Spoon it into your mould and then stand up the spoons in the mixture before it sets (it will be thick enough for them to stand up, don’t worry!)
  3. Then sprinkle the Mini Marshmallows over and leave to set.

These really are so simple to make and taste amazing. If you are using them as gifts, why not try adding a piece of ribbon to the top of the spoon, or even wrapping it up in some cellophane wrap to keep fresh until you are ready to give them away. The possibilities for flavours are endless, and will keep you warm all winter with the variations that are available to try!


All you need to do to to enjoy one of these delicious hot chocolate spoons is the heat a cup of milk and then simply stir in the hot choclate spoon until it has fully melted. And viola, a creamy Hot Chocolate!


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