A Little Mother’s Day Inspiration – Gift Idea!

I guess this post is better late then never!

Every year my mother always tells me to “save my money” and not buy her anything for Mother’s Day! Apparently there is simply nothing she wants after a birthday and Christmas, and thinks its simply pointless. Tut tut mother! But I do see where she is coming from. I almost view Mother’s Day like I do with Valentine Day, its just another day and that if you truly love someone, you shouldn’t just show them how much for one day alone, you should show them you love them every day! Mum and I are really close and we do do a lot of things together, especially when the sun comes out to play during the summer. And although every year I don’t listen to a word she says and I buy something anyway, I thought I would half listen this year by not actually buying a physical present,but instead making her a little something which I wanted to share with you guys first!

I always like to make gifts super personal and I just love buying presents for other people. I love mooching around the shops, picking things up and working out what would suit that person best. But trying something new this year has meant trolling through the internet on the hunt for a little homemade inspiration for a Mother’s Day hamper.

Stuck for last minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas? Look no further …

A Pot of Homemade Jam:


These jam jars from Lakeland are super cute at only 8oz, and with the wide selection of jam making accessories they have to accompany it, you can be as creative as you like. I chose these gorgeously girlie jam jar paper topper and sticker pack from their Mary Berry range – I knew instantly this would be totally mums taste.wpid-PhotoEditor-1425326952705.jpg

Jam is a really nice almost “stocking filler” idea for a hamper – why not buy a mug or even make some scones to accompany your homemade jam? I’m sure she will appreciate a memorable breakfast as she wakes up Sunday morning.

French Macaroons:

With so many flavours to try and colours to make, you can’t go wrong with some freshly baked homemade macaroons. Dye your mixture with her favourite colour and fill them with her favourite creams and jams. wpid-IMG_20150314_144927.jpgMy mum loved the Raspberry and Chocolate Macaroons I made earlier this year, so it only felt right to whip up another batch and present them in a beautiful box. There are so many variations of presentation boxes that help to give that professional look. Don’t you think Macaroons make wonderful presents?

Hot Chocolate Spoons:

I saw these once upon a time on a friends blog and instantly fell in love with the idea. I think they are just a brilliant way to present what is essentially going to be a mug of hot chocolate. With these you simply warm milk and stir, making one hell of a deliciously creamy and chocolatey hot chocolate. These are perfect for the Sunday afternoon to just unwind on that cold March evening in front of the TV. They really are very simple to make, with only a few ingredients (basically melted chocolate, cocoa and icing sugar), and popping the mixture into a mould with a spoon, and sprinkled with the optional marshmallow or two! Just remember if these are gifts, use a disposable spoon or buy some spares, just in case they don’t make it back into your kitchen drawer!wpid-IMG_20150314_144459.jpg

Although there are a million other ideas you could choose from, that brings me to the end of my Mother’s Day gift ideas. I could just continue to write about idea after idea, but this was still leaves room for the imagination and inspiration to start flowing so you too can fill your little hamper full of homemade goodies and sweet treats.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired? I was however a little naughty and finished my hamper off with a voucher for an afternoon tea for two, a small bottle of rose and a packet of my mums favourite chocolates. Oops …

What will be on your list of goodies to make?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely Mum’s out there!


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