Weekend Charity Fundraiser

Sunday was a fun filled afternoon at a charity fundraiser for Comic Relief in our local village. The couple of hours we were there was filled with excited children, craft stalls, a local choir, and my favorite … cake! And plenty of it! A raffle was held with cakes kindly donated from the locals (and even one from yours truly!) which were all good enough to present as a Show Stopper for the Great British Bake Off! There was even a Junior Bake off with cakes baked from children of all ages – it was adorable. I think one day some of them will definitely appear on the GBBO!wpid-FB_IMG_1425844050770.jpg

And for the adults, there was Victoria Sponge competition which was judged by the Women’s Institute. It was highly competitive and the rules were strict! I have never felt so much pressure when making a simple, yet classic Victoria Sponge! The tin for the cake had to be 7 inches, you could only fill it with strawberry jam (where is the cream!), and then dusted lightly with a fine layer of caster sugar! To top it off it wasn’t allowed to have any marks from the cooling rack! Are you feeling the pressure!

Two of the ladies I work with helped to organise the event and thought it would be something fun for me to enter. I love a good challenge and even made my own strawberry jam for the centre of my Victoria Sponge. I definitely felt the pressure on Saturday afternoon as I baked which was something I almost never feel when I bake, I just wanted so badly to get it right, after all, who doesn’t want a trophy on their mantlepiece! But not only was there a Victoria Sponge to bake, I was also asked to make a “Show Stopper” for their raffle as they were short for donations. I’d like to think I am a very charitable person, so was only too happy to help when asked.wpid-FB_IMG_1425844085769.jpg

It was difficult to think of what to make. I already knew there was going to be a chocolate covered caked with a variety of sweetie toppings, which made me reconsider my original idea of a gravity malteaser cake (did you catch the one my boyfriend made for my birthday .. amazing!) So instead I went down the children themed route and started thinking of Disney. Now I know Frozen is massive amongst 6 year old girls, and so ultimately that was the first idea to pop into my head. But after a little more thinking, I decided on a Mini Mouse inspired Giant Cupcake! I couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out, and I hoped it would be a lovely surprise to whoever won it at the raffle.wpid-PhotoEditor-1425759054942.jpg

The event itself was jammed packed with people of all ages and was a very enjoyable afternoon. I mean you’re in a building full of cake .. Dreams do come true! And to top off the great afternoon, I can Runner Up in the Victoria Sponge competition and I couldn’t have been more proud. It was stiff competition and the other entires all looked incredible. Do you like my trophy?wpid-PhotoEditor-1425829733591.jpg

The hard work and dedication of time by all of the organisers definitely paid off, as they managed to raise thousands of pounds for a truly great cause. All money raised goes towards tackling the problems of poverty and social injustice not only in the UK but around the world. Check out Comic Relief’s website for more information on their incredible work.

Have you ever done a charity bake? What ideas did you come up with? Do you like my Mini Mouse inspired Giant Cupcake?


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