Experimental Fudge

I had this great idea that Valentine’s Day should be about the little things. Not the fancy gifts, the meals out, but instead about love and the homemade things. Which is why I thought it would be a great idea to try and make some homemade fudge.

I had done my research (a lot of research for that matter), and picked a recipe I thought would be perfect – few ingredients with an easy method to follow. The reviews as well were fantastic, everyone said they had made the perfect batch with an amazing taste. I knew it wouldn’t be as good as the Fudge Shop we visit on the occasion in Bath, but I didn’t realise it would have the taste that it did *sigh*

As many of you will know when you try something new, it doesn’t always work out how you planned, and this was definitely one of these times. I followed the recipe step by step, with the ingredients exactly to the gram. To look at it, it looked like fudge. And the consistency was exactly like fudge – even before it had hardened, the mixture was soft and creamy, exactly how I thought it should look (and exactly how it was shown in the pictures!).

But the taste was just not quite there for me! It tasted very sugary, almost grainy and the consistency was not as smooth as I had hoped. It was hard to eat, and unfortunately didn’t make it into the nice gift wrap I had purchased for the occasion, and instead made its way into the bin! But not before I took a few snap shots to share with you.

Have you ever tried to make fudge? Do you have a trusted recipe you can share with me?




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