Living the Dream, Eating the Waffle

I just love, love, love, LOVE breakfast food. I think I could literally eat 3 meals a day of just breakfast foods. You have your full English; so your eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, fried bread, hash browns and a few fried veggies. Then you have your continental; your cereals, your pancakes, waffles, fruits and yoghurts. There has to be a balanced diet in all those foods, right? Well, it seems like my dreams have come true, as bright and early Tuesday morning, a very nice man delivered a very large package! Turned out this very large package was a Waffle Iron. Eek! Yes, you heard me correctly. Our kitchen work top now has a new addition in the form of this little beauty …


A very industrial looking Waffle Iron!

I have to admit, although waffles are indeed my favourite kind of breakfast food, I have never made any myself! It’s always been the meal of choice when we’ve been out and about, so I’ve always seen them as more of a treat. Looks like now I can treat myself every day! (Well, may be every other day!)

I had a mini disaster in the kitchen many years ago when I tried my hand at making cinnamon pancakes (thinking, how hard can they really be? – turns out pretty hard!) I blame the fact that at the time, my boyfriend didn’t own a sieve, a whisk or really any baking utensils for that matter (this was very early on in our relationship!) So the batter I made… Well, lets just say, not even edible, I honestly think you could have used it to cement bricks together! And since then, I just haven’t been brave enough to try again to save on the disappointment!

But last night in my excitement I braved it, and with the help of my trusted KitchenAid I think I totally nailed it! (The need of waffles in your life will drive you to your inner bravery!) The batter was as it should have been, smooth and light.


We used a recipe that came with the Waffle Iron, but it needed a little tweaking as it makes 20! (I love waffles, but 10 to myself … even I can’t quite manage that much!)

The hardest part was working out what to have on top!


wpid-PhotoEditor-1424292293013.jpgAre you a fan of breakfast foods? What are your favourites? Can you recommend a new recipe for a different tasting waffle?


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