Birthday Surprises

For once my rambles aren’t all about me and my bakes! Instead, I just wanted to share with you my brilliant birthday cake baked by my even more brilliant boyfriend!

I always feel a sense of pride when I bake – the look on someone’s face when you go above and beyond what they expect will instantly put a massive cheesy grin on my face, so it was a nice feeling knowing that (hopefully) my boyfriend felt the same when he gave me mine!

Don’t you just love it!


Considering the only thing I’ve known him to bake are scones and pizza, I thought he did a truly amazing job with this cake, and it means the world to me that he spent the time and effort creating something he knew I would love!

I’m also a little jealous he made this amazing Gravity Cake before I even had a chance to! They look like great fun, and I know he had a good time making it .. Even if he said the M&Ms were a little tricky to keep in place!


I am attending a charity bake sale next month  for Comic Relief Red Nose Day, where I will be baking a cake to be entered into the Victoria Sponge competition, as well as donating a “showstopper” cake for the raffle. My birthday cake has definitely inspired me, and I now know exactly what I am going to make, but I may be in need of a little help from the expert!

I had such an amazing day with lots of surprises and I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life! Here’s to being another year older, let’s see what the year will bring!

Have you had any favourite special bakes you’d like to share?


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