In the Red Corner …

As well as having a lot of fun baking these last few weeks, I have also spent a bit of time updating and even given a bit of a make over to the LOVE the little bakery site! What do you think? I’m really pleased and what’s more, the themes available are pretty cool, with lots of choice and variety. I have finally found a theme that totally fits my blog and I couldn’t be happier :)

But anyway, onto the main event!

I have been wanting to make a good theatrical cake for some time, so when I was asked to make a cake to the theme of wrestling I jumped at the chance! Pinterest is always my ‘go to’ when I need a little inspiration, or definitely where I go for that first cheeky look at what creations are already around. Seeing what’s already out there definitely fuels me with ideas and it wasn’t long before I came up with this little beauty!



This wrestling cake is a square vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream frosting and strawberry jam middle. Smothering the top and the sides in the buttercream as well, really helped the black  fondant icing stick firmly to the cake, and there is a great smoothing tool  available that is perfect for getting rid of any lumps and bumps! The finishing touch (which hides any jagged edges along the bottom), is a decorative red fondant icing strip, which runs all the way along the bottom.

The logo in the centre is all handmade and was a little tricky and time consuming, which involved cutting the various shapes out of the leftover fondant icing. The attention is definitely in the detail, and I couldn’t have thought of a better idea to transform my very black, square cake, into the perfect wrestling ring! Its amazing what ordinary and every day household things can help create – cut straws made the perfect ring side pegs, and a few strands of sweet strawberry laces created the perfect elasticated string for around the ringside!

wpid-PhotoEditor-1423127954993.jpgMy favourite has to be the lego men wrestlers – an idea I cannot take credit for, but they definitely add that extra something to the whole theme of the cake. It was a colleague of mines idea, and I think her son had a great time choosing what bits to use to create the perfect wrestler! What do you think?


I really do love the whole look and feel of this cake, and it really was great fun to make. As soon as you open the lid of the cake box, you can instantly smell the sweetness of the strawberry laces ! I just hope it’s enjoyed as much as I enjoyed baking it! Now I wonder what creation will be happening next in the LOVE the little bakery kitchen …

To stay up to date with all the bakes from the LOVE the little bakery kitchen, don’t forget to give a follow on my Instagram page which is always updated, and will give you a sneak peak at my bakes before they make it onto my blog!

Bye for now!

H x


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