The Cupcake Bouquet

I love flowers and I love cupcakes, so when I saw a cupcake bouquet, I knew I just had to try and make one for myself! I have been wanting to try and make one for ages, but haven’t been able to find the right occasion (*sigh*). So when it was my mother’s birthday, I knew exactly what I wanted to do in terms of a cake.

I did the research (and plenty of it) by looking at ‘How To’s’ on YouTube and getting inspired from the many different varieties on Pinterest (which I would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to attempt making one!) Reading through a number of different articles online definitely helped as well with a number of useful dos and don’ts! Originally I thought “how hard is it to stick some cakes into a polystyrene ball?” – Turns out it’s a lot harder than you think!

Thing’s you’ll need:

  • A Polystyrene Ball (I used a 14cm diameter ball which was a perfect size for what I wanted – it held about 18 cupcakes)
  • A flower pot which needs to be slightly bigger than the diameter of the ball.
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Green muffin cases (optional)
  • Green tissue paper (optional)

The Prep:

wpid-PhotoEditor-1421654073869.jpgSecure your ball to the plant pot to help it stay in place – I used a few thin strips of strong double sided tape.

  • I used green tulip muffin cases from Amazon which gave a really good leafy effect. You don’t have to use these though, green tissue paper in-between the cupcakes can work just as well.

If you choose to use the muffin cases as well, you will need to secure these onto the ball first using 2 cocktails sticks per muffin case.

If you choose to use tissue paper, this will be the last thing you add to the bouquet.


Bake your cupcakes and once cooled, attach to the muffin cases by the cocktail sticks. I have worked out its best to attach the cakes when they don’t have frosting on as there needs to be a bit of force to push them on securely (trust me, it’s better to ice them once attached then try to attach them when they are covered in frosting!)wpid-PhotoEditor-1421654010599.jpg

You don’t need to have the cakes going all around the ball. Leave a small gap at the bottom which can be covered later by more muffin cases or tissue paper. If you go too low, the icing will make the cakes heavy and they will fall off!

The Decoration:

  1. Make your batch of chosen icing and decorate as you please. I chose to make a buttercream frosting with pink food colouring, and used a large icing nozzle to pipe in a circle starting from the middle and working around the cupcake. I found it made a nice pattern to give off the idea of a rose bouquet.
  2. If you find that there are gaps in-between your cupcakes, use either tissue paper or scrunched up muffin cases to hide the polystyrene ball. This can again be held in place with the cocktail sticks.
  3. Around the bottom where there will be a larger gap, fold over the muffin cases and bunch together (or tissue paper if you are choosing to use this instead of the muffin cases).
  4. You can also decorate the pot if you wish by adding ribbon or even using some cellophane wrap.wpid-PhotoEditor-1421653826468.jpgwpid-PhotoEditor-1421653913373.jpg

And there you have it!

There really are so many variations on design so it’s definitely more down to personal taste. I have to admit, although I felt confident to start with, it definitely tested my patience and proved a lot fiddlier then I first thought! I think there is definitely room for improvement if I were to make one again, but as they say, practice makes perfect!

A few tips when making the bouquet:

  • Depending in how you store it, you may want to ice the cakes the day you are planning to give the cupcake bouquet. You can buy cupcake bouquet boxes which means they can be iced in advanced and still stay fresh.
  • A simple way to transport the bouquet is to cut a hole in a cupcake carry box the size of the plant pot base. This will keep it upright for the journey and hopefully keep your bouquet in one piece!
  • Take your time! This is something that will require time and patience – may be make a few additional cupcakes so that if disaster should strike, you’re prepared! (Speaking from experience here!)
  • Make your butter cream in advance – I baked the cakes on a Sunday and iced on the Monday morning before giving the bouquet. You can keep butter cream in the fridge overnight, just remember to bring back up to room temperature before icing!


Don’t be put off though, they are great fun to make and the hard work definitely pays off! (Well I thought so anyway) and my mother way very impressed! Just set aside plenty of time and remember that preparation is key!

Good luck!

H x


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