Heavenly Chocolate Ganache!

I am a sucker for traditional buttercream frosting, and have to admit I use it on almost everything cake related. It’s just the perfect sweetness for the top of a cupcake or the filling of a Victoria Sponge (with jam of course – the perfect combination in my eyes!) Not only that, it’s also great to work with for adding detail to a cake. For example there are a range of different piping techniques to make certain flowers, border detailing on large cakes and even lettering (a serious skill!). The possibilities are truly endless and that has to be one of the main reasons I love working with the stuff! But this weekend I fancied trying something new ..

I have read a number of different recipes that have included chocolate ganache frosting as an alternative to buttercream. I always thought it would be difficult to make, but in fact it is simple and only contains 2 ingredients! And I have to say, its delicious! After all, who wouldn’t love whipping cream and chocolate?

Fancy smothering your cake in this chocolaty goodness?


  • x1 carton of 300ml whipping cream
  • 200g of milk or plain chocolate – which ever you prefer really


  1. Break the bar of chocolate into small chunks and place in a large metal or glass bowl.
  2. In a pan over a medium heat, heat the whipping cream until it comes to the boil.
  3. Remove from the heat and carefully pour over the chocolate chunks and mix together until the mixture is smooth.
  4. Pop in the fridge for about 3 hours or until the chocolate ganache has set. I found that mine wasn’t quite thick enough, so the perks of using whipping cream is that you can whisk the mixture afterwards for a few minutes which will help it to thicken up to then cover your cakes or cupcakes.


And that’s it!

It’s an incredible easy way to finish a cake and give a real thick and creamy chocolatey topping! I baked some scrummy marble effect cupcakes which contained both vanilla and chocolate sponge. The chocolate ganache topping was just perfect and you don’t need a lot of it!

I also made some meringue’s (keep an eye out for my easy meringue tutorial) and even used the ganache as a tasty filling to sandwich two together – it was delicious and went down a really treat with my family as an after dinner dessert!

I will definitely be making this again, it’s so easy and just as easy as buttercream to pipe – just so long as all the chocolate chunks have fully melted into the cream! The hardest part is ignoring the temptation to “check” how set the chocolate ganache is in the fridge with your finger …



What is your preferred frosting?

Exciting posts to come on LOVE the little bakery include – my easy meringue tutorial (I was surprised myself just how easy these are to make – so light and fluffy too!), salted pretzels and caramelised biscuit cupcakes! (These were my favourite!) Its been a busy old month :)

H x


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