A Cake to Make You Smile!

So August was a fairly busy month for me with a number of requested bakes. My favourite comes in the form of a multi coloured layered sponge, smothered in buttercream and covered in hundreds and thousands (literally!)


It made perfect sense to bake for someone who has a love of buttercream and sprinkles! But certainly didn’t come without its challenges! I read a lot of tutorials online, mainly using American ingredients, with many different ways of creating the perfect sprinkle cake. Research found that the best methods for decorating are the ‘pat’ and ‘roll’ – the messier of the two … Definitely the ‘pat’ which ended up meaning you decorate your cake and also half of the kitchen floor, work surfaces, basically anything visible in the kitchen! I think if I were braver, I might have tried the ‘roll,’ but with a 4 layered sponge cake, I couldn’t risk the layers shifting, or the cake breaking for that matter! I think the old ‘roll’ method is definitely for the smaller cake! But anyway, regardless of how you make it, it is so much fun, and let’s be honest, everything is great when covered in sprinkles!

Fancy having a go yourself? This is my easy step-by-step guide into how to make this Sprinkles Cake. Get your aprons at the ready and clear the room (or just move anything you don’t want to find sprinkles on a few days later …)

1. Make your cake(s) – if you need a recipe, why not check out my earlier post “There is nothing wrong with plain and simple” (The ingredients should make enough for 2 round baking tins).


To make the sponges coloured, simply add food colouring. I love using the Wilton Gel Icing Colouring – they always give off a really vibrant colour which is what you want in a cake this fun!

2. When the cakes have cooled, even off any of the sponges so that they are flat (this makes it easier to stack if you are using multiple layers). Then use a filling to hold each layer in place – my all time favourite is the layer of jam followed by a layer of buttercream! Mmm …


Remember you can add as much or as little filling as you like. Personally, with quite a sweet buttercream covering, I went for “less is more” and only used thin layers of each throughout the cake.

3. Creating a nice crisp edge finish, coat the outside of the cake with a reasonably thick layer of butter frosting – you want enough so the whole cake is covered in a nice even layer and all the gaps in-between the sponges are filled.


4. Now this is where a number of different methods come in, a few tutorials said to freeze the cake for approximately 5-10 minutes to harden, others said to keep cool over night, some said it’s fine to leave out! Personally, I thought the less hard the buttercream, the easier it would be to add the sprinkles! So once covered in the buttercream frosting, I used the ‘pat’ technique to slowly (and I mean slowly) stick the sprinkles to the cake.


It is definitely not a quick process and overall probably took about an hour until I has 100% happy with the level of coverage over the buttercream. But when it was finished, I knew it was definitely worth the hours it took to make it. I mean who wouldn’t smile at a cake covered in sprinkles!

It was so much fun to make, but so much harder then I thought! This bake is definitely not for the faint hearted – you need the patience of a saint and no fear of mess (because believe me, there is no stopping those little balls escaping all over the kitchen floor!) Pinterest was a total saviour yet again, with a range of different takes on the “sprinkles cake” – it took an age scrolling through different versions and ideas, but definitely good fun!

And the inside …





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