Every Gamer’s Dream ..

So I have been pretty busy in the old kitchen this month, for me, August has definitely been the birthday month. So to kick start the birthday celebrations, was the creation of my brothers XBOX inspired birthday cake!


I have to say, I had so much fun making this cake. Although it was definitely on more of the smaller side compared to other bakes, it was definitely a challenge! The cake itself is a vanilla sponge with a vanilla cream and jam middle. The outside of the cake is covered in fondant icing as well as the small detailing on both the controller and the XBOX cake itself! I have to say, it was tough using just a picture, but nice that others had done this before, so ideas and inspiration on the likes of Pinterest certainly helped with the whole look and shape of the cake. I’m definitely pleased with the way it turned out, although I think there is definitely room for improvement (let’s hope I get asked to make another one!)

To make the controller, I took a small ball of white fondant and slowly shaped it to the rough shape of an XBOX controller. It’s actually more difficult than it looks, and it took me a few goes to get it right! Its also really handy if you have a template as you can get a more accurate shape.



This was then positioned on a cake board and held in place with a few small blobs of watered icing powder and spread thinly along the base. Then I cut out the lettering and again stuck them in place with the remainder of the icing. You only need a small amount as too much can make the fondant sticky and moist – you really want the letting to hold its shape!

Then it was time for the bake itself – a classic vanilla sponge baked in the oven for approximately 25 minutes (or until the top is browned). Once cooled on a cooling rack, it was time to slice in half and fill the centre with creamy, buttery frosting and sweet strawberry jam! Once assembled, I covered the sponge lightly with a butter cream frosting and lay over white fondant icing which covered the entire cake. I then used the remainder of the fondant icing for the small detailing of the controller stick, and buttons.


It was definitely a lot of fun to make! This was my first attempt and I hope it didn’t disappoint!

Hopefully this will help any cake artists out there who are attempting to make a XBOX inspired cake, or something similar!

Now, on to the next one …



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