Wilton Magic!

I have been a little out of touch of late with updating you on the creative mind of LOVE the little bakery. It’s not that I haven’t been a busy bee, in-fact I don’t think I have EVER been so busy!

The beginning of February brought the James Bond themed cupcakes!  They were so much fun to make, although I had a helping hand with the decoration in the form of sugar paper cake toppers! Its amazing the variety and quality you can get these days. They were a real winner!

Then came the charity raffle cupcake prize. 12 gorgeous cupcakes baked to perfection in the form of chocolate and vanilla sponge with a strawberries and cream top, chocolate and honeycomb, and the classic chocolate and vanilla butter cream frosting (Obviously not all on one cupcake, now that would be silly!)

But the cake I had the most fun making was my dearest mother’s birthday cake! And I have to admit, it was great fun to make (although slightly fiddly) and made with the help of my favourite cake brand, Wilton!

For any one who bakes, you would have probably heard of Wilton. For me, this is the brand of choice for anything cake related. With the wide variety of tools, designs and ideas, their website could keep you entertained for hours!

415-0165medFor Christmas (which seems forever-a-go now) I was treated to a Wilton cake cutter – why on earth did I go so long without having this tool in my life! When I make a cake, I usually go for the winning vanilla sponge with butter cream and raspberry or strawberry jam middle. With my trusty new tool, not only does it make incredibly flat and smooth tops, it gave me a great idea for a new layered cake. Sticking to my usual method, I decided to mix things up slightly by adding Wilton’s gel icing colours to the cake mix, giving me one plain sponge, and a rather bright purple sponge.

20140128-153253.jpgWilton’s gel colours are definitely worth the investment, the colours are rich and vibrant and can be added to cake mix, butter icing, fondant icing, and anything else you want to splash a bit of colour to! And you don’t need a lot of it to get the colour you desire (except the red – but then I can’t seem to find any colouring that doesn’t take a lot to turn something a deep red – suggestions are welcome here if you have been lucky enough to find one!).

So back to the cakes …

After each sponge had cooled, I was a bit nervous to make the first cut knowing that if I sliced off a bit too much it would be back to square one. But it was so easy and the blade glided so well across the sponge – the hardest part was lifting the halved sponges onto a work top – they were so fragile and thin which amazed me! I honestly thought it would break, but it was no problem for my cutter! I have to say I was impressed!

20140128-153303.jpgAnd the end result of the cake definitely put a smile on my face. With the added extra’s of purple fondant and delicate fondant flowers and butterflies, it was a complete success. And a nice surprise when the cake was cut, revealing  a nice layer of vanilla and purple sponge.

I would say though that it is so important to buy the right fondant if you are using cutters. In the past I must hold my hands up and say I thought you could get away with just plain fondant icing. You soon learn quickly from your mistakes. Top tip – Always buy the flower and modelling paste. I usually use the Rensaw brand and have had great success! You don’t need much of it and can roll out a thin layer before pressing your cutter into it. Within a few minutes the icing has dried hard and is ready to decorate your cake.

It’s a shame the cake got devoured in seconds, it would have been nice for someone to have waited 2 minutes for me to take a nap shot at their lovely piece of cake!


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