Festive Fun!

Happy New Year guys!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year filled with food, happiness and laughter! I can’t quite believe another year has passed so quickly, and we open the doors to 2014.

Christmas for me was a time to be with friends and family, especially since I spent a very hot christmas on a beach in Brisbane last year away from the home comforts of a Christmas in England. Having my own kitchen back, meant the creative mind of LOVE the little bakery went into overdrive, and with sources such as Pinterest at my disposal, it was hard to decide what to bake! Especially, when you had some of these ideas literally staring you in the face!

6491e30bbc89b9d8ac464adc07df8bd33d6556909018c3fbf186582172971983Christmas Tree Meringue Pops

Gingerbread Garland

Cupcake Christmas Trees

Gingerbread Wreath

The possibilities were completely endless. And then I walked past my local Lakeland that provided me with EVEN MORE baking inspirations to keep me busy over the Christmas period!

For those of you that don’t know, Lakeland sells a massive variety of different goodies to help with all your baking needs! They even have some funky recipes online which are a great help to get you started.

My eyes caught sight of this adorable cookie cutter set which when put together made a Christmas Tree. It was incredibly simple, but tasted delicious!


The cutter set was a steal at just over £5 for the pack of 20 cutters, and Lakeland is great with supplying recipes


If I’m honest, it wasn’t a neat tree, with green icing plastering each star shape, with little drips falling off the corners. A few silver edible balls were the finishing touches and voila! It totally worked! It was great to watch people just diving in, breaking bits off, ending up making a messy heap of biscuit on the table!

There was also the return of the cupcakes! Vanilla sponges with a strawberry and cream topping, followed by a similar batch but with toffee buttercream frosting and cute candy cane fondant cake toppers.



Christmas is always such a feast which unfortunately doesn’t do much for the old waistline. But thats what new years resolutions are for!

All in all, it was another fantastic day which came and went far too quickly! I now have a mountain of chocolate decorating the top of my fridge, a new years resolution of learning how to make bread and pastry and to come up with more weird and wonderful ideas to expand Love the little bakery.

It would be great to hear about your Christmas bakes, it’s never too early to get inspired for the next one!



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