It’s good to be home!

I have been a little out of touch recently after taking some time out to travel around Australia, New Zealand and the West Coast of America. It was an amazing experience, the different cultures and way of life. Cakes were a massive thing in Australia, almost a craze! It seemed to be the “in thing” to actually go out and buy for any occasion. I came across some amazing idea’s and designs from Planet Cake

The ranges that they offer is definitely inspiring, so coming home meant I was straight back in the kitchen. Turns out I had 50 cupcakes to bake for my partner to take into work for his birthday, (nothing like leaving it to the last minute to tell me! Men!). And then there was the planning and creating of his official birthday cake surprise!

The cupcakes were a mixture of chocolate, vanilla, strawberries and cream as well as the peppermint classic – mint chocolate chip! All topped with a deliciously creamy butter cream frosting.

(Keep a look out for my “How To” on how to make the perfect butter cream frosting).



Thankfully they went down a treat, and I believe all 50 were gone in under 10 minutes!

* * *

When it came to creating his birthday cake, I had so much fun! He loves his motorbikes and tinkering with the mechanics so the cake just totally summed him up!

I’m definitely inexperienced with fondant and creating 3D objects for cakes and cupcakes, but it was great getting to know fondant icing better and being able to form shapes and designs for the top of the cake. I learnt that its essential to colour the fondant first (oops!) as the colour is much stronger then delicately painting each part.


It’s also really important to use the correct type of fondant icing. Sugar paste is perfect for these types of models and also for the lettering itself. The icing hardens once its been aired and becomes much more solid. Don’t get me wrong, this cake wasn’t easy! It took a while to get right, but I was really pleased with the finished look!


And of course … he loved it too! Although if the truth be told, we stayed away from cake for a few weeks after (okay, that might be a lie — a week!)

Make a wish …



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