The Easter Baking Frenzie!

Spring is finally here and Easter is just around the corner meaning its time to ditch the diet for a little chocolate indulgence (not that I mean to be a bad influence!) We have had a great time in the LOVE the little bakery kitchen playing around with different frosting, cupcake flavourings, decorations and a few Easter classics! I mean come on Mr Diet, could you really resist some of these Easter creations …

Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes


Chocolate cupcake and Cadbury creme egg, what better combination could you ask for! The cakes themselves are traditional moist chocolate sponge, but the twist is in the frosting. By taking the inside of several Cadbury Creme Eggs and mixing it with butter, powdered sugar and vanilla extract, you end up with the most irresistibly scrummy topping for these Easter delights!

Chocolate Sponge with Green Vanilla Frosting


These cupcakes are so easy and super cute! They are perfect for getting the kids involved in the kitchen this Easter. Start with a moist, chocolatety cake mix, bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes and decorate with some butter cream frosting. Look out for my next post on how to make deliciously creamy butter icing. Its so simple you’ll LOVE it! For more ideas like these cute Easter cake toppers, why not check out –

They have some great ideas to keep the kids entertained during the Easter break!

Chocolate Nest Easter Cupcakes


Don’t you just LOVE these cute Chocolate Nest Cupcakes! I wanted to try different textures with the icing and found an awesome little piece in my piping kit that made the icing come out like spaghetti! I wouldn’t usually know what to use it for, but it turns out its great for making little birds nests! A simple chocolate sponge, with the classic vanilla cream frosting and a chocolate frosting nest. Perfect fit for the Easter celebrations!

Happy Easter guys xx


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