Death by Oreos!

One of my favourite biscuits has to be the Oreo. I don’t know what it is about them, I just seem to love them! They go perfectly with an afternoon coffee – give it a good old dunk but not for too long of course as it crumbles and then there is nothing worse than bits of biscuit at the end of the cup. Funnily enough, it was whilst having a coffee and a few Oreo’s one Saturday afternoon that I thought to myself “Well surely you can come up with a cupcake dedicated to your love of Oreos?” And sure enough, I did!

Sunday morning, it was apron on and time to have a play around with mixtures and flavour’s. To me the best part of baking is the experiments that come with it, which I found strange as Science never really seemed to interest me back at school. But now there is something exciting about trying something new, not really following a set receipe and instead making one of your own! And it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out! Unlike a science experiment the worst your going to do is waste a bit of flour, a few eggs, may be even some fondant icing playing around with different types of fondant flowers or adding quirky flavourings!

*  *  *

Chocolate sponge cupcakes rising in the oven made a promising start to my Oreo delights! To add to what would be a very classic sponge, I decided on a little extra special something to add my signature twist! But you can find out about that later!

Now, what to do for icing? A few ideas were going around in my head – a creamy chocolate butter icing, simple vanilla, a mixture of them both so that they swirled around the top of the cake? And then I thought of something unique- finely crushed Oreos in a chocolate butter icing! Too much? Not when the cupcake will be called “Death by Oreos!”

And it was a success! A great success in fact! It was a perfect blend and you still had the softness and creaminess of the chocolate butter icing!

Now, for the finale – half a Oreo placed on the top of the each individual cupcake. And there you have it! I’m sure if you ate these in great quantities though they really would be the death of you!


And the hidden surprise …


20130206-212318.jpgA cheeky Oreo hidden under the original cake mixture that was baked to perfection in the oven. Delicious! Now, no more Oreo biscuits with my coffee! It’s all about the Oreo cupcake – my 2 favourite things – cake and Oreos! Would you be tempted to sample one of these delights?



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