To live in a house made of ginger ..

LOVE the little bakery would first like to say that we hope you all had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Secondly, I would like to tell you about my gorgeous little gingerbread house I made for over the Christmas holiday! Needless to say it didn’t last longer than Christmas day, so surely that has to be a compliment?

After such success with the gingerbread men, I was more than a little excited to create the ultimate winter wonderland gingerbread house and couldn’t wait to get started! Apron on, Christmas carols playing out the speakers, I was on a merry mission Christmas Eve to get my creative juices flowing!

Starting off with a template I found online, it was time to make the biscuit dough and roll to the desired thickness. Although you don’t want them too thick as the weight could mean the sides cave in, you also don’t want them too thin either as they are more likely to snap! After a few rolls, screwing back up the mixture and rolling again, I finally came up with the perfect thickness! To me, the joy of baking is trial and error and the positive is that you can only learn from your mistakes.


The cut outs for my gingerbread house!

At the time I thought the design was pretty straight forward, but with curved sides I wasn’t going to back down from the challenge!

The smell of the ginger was just gorgeous when they were in the oven and the whole house had a very Christmassy feel about the place!

Part of the reason I wanted to set up my bakery is my love of experimenting with flavours and designs, always wanting to try something a bit different in hope that people will like my unique approach on what you would think of as more of a traditional recipe or idea!


Fresh out the oven – it was hard not to just start eating them there and then!

Out of the oven it was time to make a thick cement of icing in hope that it held together! It was so much fun playing around with designs and colouring it with an M&M roof full of lights, with Candy Cane wall decorations, and not forgetting the Christmas reef! Although the construction was a little more tricky than I first thought it was going to be. But with patience and a lot of perseverance, I managed to get all 4 walls standing, with a sturdy roof for shelter!



Bigger isn’t always better, and my petite and delicate gingerbread house has a beautiful design that took precision and a steady hand! As it was the first time, I wanted to keep it small, experimenting just a little. I have definitely learnt a few tricks along the way which will really help when I come to make more in the future! All in all I have to admit I was very pleased with my efforts and the overall look of the house!


The finished product!

Its times like these you don’t think about the amount of sugar it took to make it ..

And all this gingerbread making has inspired me to create a unique gingerbread cupcake range. I feel these will be a great take on the traditional Christmas biscuit and something that can be shared by all as a lovely Christmassy treat! Plus it will be a gorgeous accompaniment to a cup if coffee or even a cheeky glass of mulled wine!

Bye for now! x


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